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Tart and tangy, red and green
Rhubarb buns, a taste supreme 😂 It’s World Poetry Day, so here’s some words about a vegetable that ‘may’ make a ‘guest’ appearance this week! 🤤
How beautiful do these buns look!! Our very special bun is a Poppy Seed and Cardamom twist, stuffed with our hand-made Lemon Curd and drizzled with Raspberry and White Icing. All made totally from scratch, baked here and good for vegans. Don’t miss this one!! 🤤
Special Bun Announcement 📣 This beautiful bun has been crafted by our amazing Baking Team 👑 Available on Friday and Saturday, this bun is made from enriched slow-proved dough, with cardamom and poppy seeds. We twist and fill with a ‘made from scratch’ lemon curd, bake and dress with drizzles of raspberry and white icing. It’s a Mothers Day delight! Made totally from scratch, hand-crafted and great for vegans!
Buns fresh from the oven!! PB & J buns on the counter today, alongside our Classic Cinnamons too! All baked from scratch here on site, and good for vegans too!
Now here’s a Mothers Day treat for you!! A box of our Classic Vegan Cinnamon Buns to collect on Saturday 18th March. Freshly baked, these will make a delicious Mothers Day breakfast ❤️ 4 Buns in a gift box for £10! To make it extra special, why not add 2 of our Special Guest buns? The special next week is a fruity favourite 🍋 DM to place an order. Limited boxes available so order soon!!
PB & J Day this Friday/Saturday. Original and best slow-proved bun dough, swirled with Sri Lankan Cinnamon, with layers of Raspberry or Bramble Jam, Peanut Butter and topped with crushed peanuts. 🤤
Wow!!! We knew you loved Biscoff Buns!! That was a sellout! Our fabulous baking team rolled, twisted, shaped, twirled and baked nearly 100 buns today!! Same again tomorrow?? 🤪
It’s Biscoff time!! We’re so excited to bring back the special Guest Buns and starting with the People’s Choice, ‘The Biscoff’. Coming out of the ovens for 8.45/9am. 😍
Hey there Guest Bun fans!! 👋 We’re happy to tell you that Special Buns are back this Friday and Saturday!! 🥳 We’ve started with the fan fav Biscoff. Slow-proved cardamom dough, twisted with Biscoff, baked and topped with crushed Biscuits. Handmade from scratch, baked here and good for vegans. Set your alarms as this bun is always a sellout

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